Datin Wong Chien Yue

Executive Director

Datin Wong Chien Yue, a Malaysian, aged 45, is our Promoter and Executive Director. She was appointed to our Board on 11 December 2017.


Datin Wong graduated from University of Malaya with a bachelor’s degree majoring in

Social Administration in 1998.


Datin Wong began her career with a non-governmental organisation that focuses on education and the welfare of single mothers. She has played an instrumental role in our Group’s success since the inception, where she assisted our founder and

Managing Director, Dato’ Dr. Wong Ruen Yuan in setting up his first dental clinic of our Group back in 2001.


She is responsible for our Group’s overall administration, overseeing the various support functions of our Group encompassing the purchasing department, finance department, human resource department as well as the administrative department.